About Echelon

Echelon is a Gnome panel applet which monitors a user supplied list of game servers. The primary purpose is to watch the servers for the presence of specified player names. Echelon is written in Python and uses GTK and thereby requires a recent version of gnome-python-extras.

We aim to keep Echelon fairly simple and uncluttered. Feature requests are welcome on the mailing list but please bear in mind that if you're looking for an all-in-one server browser XQF may be your best bet.

Echelon has nothing to do with ... that other Echelon.

Aug 24, 2005: Version 0.1 released!

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Thank you Sourceforge for the glowing approval. Here's some notes on the first release:

We feel Echelon is at the point where it is ready for public consumption. 
If you have any suggestions or patches, please submit them to the mailing list.
We welcome any icons for QStat supported games which do not yet have icons in
the drop-down add-server window.

A list of features for our first release:

  • View server stats including your current ping, number of players currently playing, maximum number of players, which friends (if any) are online, and server name.
  • Add favorite servers simply by picking a game type from a list and entering the host.
  • Monitor servers and get notified when a friend joins.
  • Applet icon changes color according to state. Blue means that there are players present on your monitored servers, and green means that a friend has join a monitored server.
  • Applet tooltip displays server type, name, and the current number of players online so that there may be no need to open the server window.
  • Server list tooltip displays a list of each player currently online along with their current ping and score.
  • Favorite servers and friends are saved as simple XML data to be persistant between sessions.
  • Ability to match friends name either exactly or by only supplying a substring of their name.

Although the program seems fairly solid, with this being its first release there are bound to be bugs and various other defects. Your suggestions are appreciated and can be submitted by sending an email to our mailing list.

~jgorski, ~djc